Power Tonic 8oz
Power Tonic 8oz
Power Tonic 8oz
Power Tonic 8oz

Power Tonic 8oz

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Meet your new best friend! Hydrating Rose Water PowerTonic not only reduces visible signs of fatigue but also helps with breakouts. This hydrating tonic is packed with natural ingredients with the power to help in the healing process. Power tonic cleanses and calms the skin down. This liquid silk is nourishing, which will help to achieve smoother and more youthful-looking skin. You will only feel the power when you see it.


  • ROSALITY - Precious rose extract, reduces the visible signs of skin fatigue and helps recover skin vitality. 
  • OAT EXTRACT - Acts as a natural skin cleanser, diminishes the pores, effectively fights dull skin, improves tine pores, and smoothes skin texture, while soothing the skin. 
  • WITCH HAZEL - Helps protect your skin against damage & tightens pores, cleanses the skin of excess oil. 
  • CHAMOMILE - Has antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin. Chamomile has an ancient use of promoting healing. It has been known to help with acne breakouts.
  • YARROW EXTRACT - Has Skin healing properties, soothing the skin and deeply nourishing & restorative. Ideal for sensitive skin.


Power Tonic is best used during skin treatments and post PMU care. Apply the tonic to a cotton round and gently clean the skin. Wipe away any Lymph you may see, this will help to prevent it from building up. Apply a calming compress of the tonic for a couple of minutes (gentle pressure may be applied) 

Post Skin Care: 

Use the Power Tonic to cleanse the skin as many times as needed, it will keep the skin hydrated while creating a clean environment for the skin to regenerate. Power Tonic also may be used with our Power Balm to Double the power in your skin’s revitalization needs.

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