Ohana Uniforms Enhance Your Business

We are back in the makeup studio! 

Surely, after a long time we are doing our best to go back in style, inside and outside, with the best attitude and the best of everything. Period. On top of that, we are an atypical ‘regular’ business; we impart beauty, glam and permanent make-up.

Make up pigments can be messy and yet we do it every day, more than once and we LOVE it! Surely, we have seen that great blouse or pair of pants get ruined with the stains of our success (and some pigment too!)

It is no secret that make up uniforms enhance your business image, promote your business, and are a great benefit for employees. Now you want to choose the best uniform company. But how do you know which is the top makeup uniform supplier? Should you go with the largest uniform company? or would a smaller, local uniform vendor be better to meet your employee workwear needs?

Truth be told, the answer is, NEITHER. That endeavor needed to done by one of us!

We are not just artists; we are hands-on, thriving entrepreneurs but above all, we are a worldwide family.

We are OHANA Uniforms.
Thought for artists, worn by rockstars!

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