Hygiene has always been important for ALL customer service activities; not only because of the good image it projects, but also because of the healthcare it brings.

The current COVID pandemic has produced a number of changes in all aspects for service providers. The beauty industry is no exception. An essential part of these changes is the increase in makeup hygiene standards and healthcare that must be met in a facility where a beauty service is provided.

Regardless of the type of beauty service, it is always important to ensure the cleanliness of all the material that will be used in the permanent makeup procedure, as well as the place where the procedure will be done.

It is also very important that the people who provide the service comply with the rules and procedures of personal hygiene to minimize the risk of infection. Not only on COVID, but also on all the potential infections that come into place when dealing with needles and topic appliances.

In addition, it is imperative to ask our customers to comply with these standards and procedures of personal hygiene, and likewise verify through a survey and taking of body temperature before entering the establishment that there is no indication of risk by COVID-19.

Finally, we emphasize the fact that the sanitary measures that are already part of the new normality are not a selfish act or a violation against freedom, but quite the contrary; these measures represent an act of solidarity and empathy for the health of everyone.

And truth be told, your clients already love you and trust you, implementing these guidelines will keep everyone happy and safe while you do what YOU do best!

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